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Steps of Asphalt Overlay

If you ask any Asphalt Company you can know about asphalt overlay. This is the paving method where a new layer of asphalt is applied on the deteriorating surface of the present asphalt. Many times for changing the asphalt coating the whole asphalt is tear apart, it is not only tiresome work but costly too. Instead with a asphalt overlay project you can lay new layer of asphalt over the old one, using it as base. However, those surfaces that is full of cracks or rutting and potholes certain treatment is necessary before any overlay is applied. Asphalt Overlay Steps Mentioned below are the steps that will be required while an asphalt overlay is done.

  • The first step is assessing the asphalt. You can use the technique of asphalt overlay on all surfaces as all of them are not suitable for it. When the asphalt surface has a lot of damage like big potholes, ruts on the surface, or root damage you need to rip off the asphalt totally as suggested by almost every Asphalt Company. Even any surface that is not able to drain water properly is also needed to be ripped off totally. Thus, at first the asphalt surface has to be assessed.
  • The next step is asphalt milling where the top layer of the asphalt surface is removed. The surface level is also need to be maintained and hence the old layer where necessary must be removed or set at the right position. In such situation generally a asphalt milling machine is used that grinds down to 1 to 3 that depends upon the wear on the surface of the asphalt.
  • After all this the base is to be repaired. In areas where there is potholes, sinking and rutting it is necessary that the ground is repaired before any asphalt coating is applied. If it is not done so then you will not be able to manage to overall surface of the asphalt.

Finally when the base is repaired and ready for overlay the last step is the pave the surface. Depending upon the thickness of the surface where the asphalt is applied you have to set the amount of asphalt overlay. Experienced Asphalt Company will be the best guide for deciding about the thickness of the asphalt coating.